U.S. AMS Ranger Cadets Inc. - Remembering Our Youth Is Our Future
About the U.S. AMS Ranger Cadets                
The U.S. AMS Ranger Cadets is a nonprofit youth organization of Fed. IRS tax exempt a 501(c)3 of the National Division Headquarters. AMS stands for All Military Services and honoring them and respected for all our Veterans; this is what is taught and more. The National  Division HQ. of the U.S. AMS Ranger cadets Inc. started up in  November 7, 2007 starting with the first company in November 10 2010. This is a youth organization for all Girls and Boys ages 7 through 18 and stay until 21 years of age. Our Chips Cadets platoon is for our younger youth ages 7 through 10, also for some 11 and 12 year old's    depending on their learning ability and maturity.  Chips, the meaning a smaller piece of a larger piece or whole also Child Help Improving Program Services.{Getting Extra Help} When discharge and all that are the age of 21 then they are eligible to become staff officers or company staff and to continue being part of the organization of each of our Companies, Battalions or Regiments. Also to become National Staff and Committee Board Members. All registered staff members will undergo a FBI, state and local background checks and cannot have felony record. Allowing all the companies in the Ranger Cadets to be a coed of an organization of there choice. Example of a coed organization is police explorers, fire explorers etc. etc. as they may choose. The organization is based on its belief of honoring GOD: Family: Country: of non-denominational; respect of family and honoring our flag and commitment to the Constitution of the United States of America and its laws.To promote physical fitness through activities and sports with physical fitness training of athletics of exercise. The importance of staying in school and getting a good education. To stay off and a way from drugs through drug classes of all drugs, the use of legal drugs such as alcohol and smoking can and could leads to illegal drugs. We are a charitable ambivalent 
organization and dedicated to helping out other nonprofit organizations and within our communities. With our code, { we do not lie: we do not cheat: we do not steal:} motto's Semper Pius (Latin) meaning always honest and slogans {Not what others can do for you, what you can do for others} {We just don't make a difference in their day, we make a difference in their life} {Remembering our youth is our future} {Let's just do it} {Ask one to be one} these are some of what our organization learns

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